Exhibit Case 4: In honor of Frances E. Levine, given with love by Harry B. Levine 1956

dynamics of machinery title page

 James B. Hartman,

Dynamics of Machinery.  New York: McGraw-Hill, 1956.

James B. Hartman was head of the Mechanical Engineering Department. This volumes forms part of the Lehigh Authors Collection.


Gift of James Kadel, ‘60

institute for metal forming

 Gordon Powell.

“Forming of Tubes by Hydraulic Pressure.”  Bethlehem (Pa.): Lehigh University Dept. of Metallurgy and Materials Science. Institute for Metal Forming Program, 1971.


This technical report was produced by the former Institute for Metal Forming Program (now known as the Loewy Metal Extrusion Program).


Gift of the Carpenter Technology Corporation

d van nostrand company

Letter from D. van Nostrand to James W. Miller, 1914.


This 1914 letter was sent to James W. Miller, assistant professor of mathematics, by the publisher D. van Nostrand regarding the publisher’s interest in using Analytical Mechanics as a textbook at Lehigh. 


Gift of H. Dawn Wiant

addison hutton cover

 Elizabeth Biddle Yarnall.

Addison Hutton: Quaker Architect, 1834-1916.  Philadelphia: Art Alliance Press [1974].


The work of Addison Hutton, who designed several of Lehigh’s earliest buildings including Linderman Library, Coppee Hall, Chandler-Ullmann Hall, and Packer Church, is documented in this history.


Gift of Susan A. Cady, M.P.A. ’81; Ph.D. ‘94

addison hutton packer memorial chapel