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John Grogan.

The Longest Trip Home: A Memoir.  New York: William Morrow, 2008.

John Grogan, a resident of the Lehigh Valley and author of the popular book Marley and Me, inscribed this copy for the Lehigh University Libraries.

Gift of the Friends of the Lehigh University Libraries

historically speaking


“Historically Speaking: The 175th Anniversary of the Taylor-Wharton Iron and Steel Company” [High Bridge, N.J., 1917?].

This gift enables Special Collections to document and preserve not only the history of the region, but also the history of American technology.  The Taylor-Wharton Iron and Steel Company brochure allows researchers to visualize equipment dating from the first years of the last century.

Gift of Mr. Frank Kutos



CC Hsiung Papers, 1937-2004.

This collection contains correspondence on personal and academic matters, drafts and manuscripts of publications, syllabi, lectures, conference, colloquium and seminar documents, and mathematical notes documenting the career of Lehigh University Professor of Mathematics Chuan-Chih Hsiung who was the founder and the chief editor of the Journal of Differential Geometry. The collection also contains photographs, books and reprints of articles, and correspondence with Chinese scholars who were applying to American colleges.

Gift of Nancy Hsiung



Linear Slide Rule, 1895.


This slide rule belonged to Rollin Calvert Bastress, a member of Lehigh’s class of 1895.  The donor acquired this slide rule from Rollin Bastress’s son, Dr. Alfred Willis Bastress.  This device is unusual in that it is capable of giving four significant figures, where a regular one-foot slide rules only gave three significant figures.  Although Special Collections concentrates on preserving paper-based collections, artifacts such as this help researchers better understand the technology that was in place in the first place after Lehigh’s founding.


Gift of James J. Bohning, in memory of its original owner, Rollin C. Bastress.