Gothic Revival at Lehigh


Gothic Revival at Lehigh University

James Lindsey Burley (d.1942) and Theodore Culyer Visscher (1876-1935) designed several iconic buildings for Lehigh University:  Alumni Memorial Building (1925); Packard Laboratory (1929); and the addition to Linderman Library (1929).  They were also responsible for  the union of Christmas-Saucon Hall (1926), Ullmann wing in Chandler-Ullmann, Richard House, Drinker House, and Grace Hall.

Both Burley and Visscher were Lehigh Alums.  Burley was the Class of 1894, while Visscher 1899.  Visscher attended both Lehigh and Columbia Universities; Burley, Lehigh and the University of West Virginia.  Their New York office was located at 51 East 42nd Street.  Visscher was a member of the Architecture League of New York and the Union League Club, while Burley was active as urban planner for several New York counties. During the 1920s-1930s, the firm designed primarily schools and colleges.