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[Letter] 1865 July 23, Aix la Chapelle [to] R.H. Sayre, Bethlehem, Pa. / Asa Packer.


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              Aix la Chapelle July 23. 1865

Dear Rob

              Where we reached [undecipherable] all [undecipherable]

[undecipherable]. I received your welcome letters of the 3rd of July to know that all were as well of [undecipherable] was -- say to [undecipherable] [undecipherable] [undecipherable] [undecipherable] by I [undecipherable] you [undecipherable] [undecipherable] voice that your good father [undecipherable] [undecipherable] however [undecipherable] we love say "Gods write be done," [undecipherable] the he showed to face [undecipherable] they reaches you give him my Rice and regards and say to that near a day [undecipherable] say there -- I do not think of him and pray for his necessary my health contrary as good as I know any reason to expect should I continue to improve as I have they [undecipherable] should have great reason to be [undecipherable] [undecipherable] we have had a very pleasant [undecipherable] they face and nothing to know [undecipherable] happenings of [undecipherable] the absence of dear [undecipherable] [undecipherable] wrong feel we console [undecipherable] with this idea that if we continue to be favored as we have been that the time will soon be reached when we shall be restored to think we [undecipherable] love I hope you will not feel because the [undecipherable] of the road is not as [undecipherable] as could be denied there is nothing in [undecipherable] those [undecipherable] encouraging I [undecipherable] no [undecipherable] of will [undecipherable] weight in the end, talk over President not to get discouraged our [undecipherable] will came affect a letter I [undecipherable] Johnston will [undecipherable]

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