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Encountering New Worlds


An exhibition of 15th and 16th century cartographic, astronomical, and physics books.

This exhibit is based on a "5 x 10" first year seminar given Oct 28, 2020 that was a joint collaboration with Prof. Patrick Connolly of the Philosophy Department, Science Librarian Brian Simboli, Special Collections and Humanities Librarian Heather Simoneau.

Linderman Library Tour

Welcome to a tour of Lehigh University's Linderman Library. This tour will show you important locations within the building and provide an overview of Linderman Library's history.

Loewy Exhibit


2000 Exhibit about Loewy Hydropress Inc. and Erwin and Ludwig Loewy. Recreated using original PDF and JPEG files. The original web exhibit is preserved in the Internet Archive and available at This exhibit has been transferred to Omeka as part of the Mountaintop Project Building Bridges to Living Industrial History.

The Trees of Lehigh


The Trees of Lehigh was a popular exhibit in the Fairchild-Martindale Library in 2016 and part of 2017. We've reproduced much of the exhibit online, by popular request.