Bayer Galleria Jason Dunsby, Class of 1996 Exhibit Case (Cont. 2)


Photographs by Professor Ralph Van Arnam, 1939.

This small collection contains 13 photographs of Professor of Mathematics Ralph Van Arnam’s experiments with different camera lenses, such as telephoto, “zoom lens” and “Ortho filter”. It seems that, in December 1939, Professor Van Arnam had taken photographs of the Lehigh campus, Bethlehem Steel Offices on 3rd Street, the Boyd Theatre on Broad Street on the north side of Bethlehem. Most of the photographs were taken from the roof of Packer Hall, the University Center. Although more photographs may exist, this collection provides a glimpse of Bethlehem’s architectural history.



Photograph Album of Samuel May, 1910-1912.

This photo album belonged to Samuel May, Lehigh Class of 1910, and includes 170 images of Lehigh students, buildings, campus life, the Lehigh Band, as well as mining, surveying and railroad construction photographs showing the daily life of a young engineer.
Samuel May captioned one his photographs with a winter scene as “My first job -- Cumberland, Maryland”