Bayer Galleria Jason Dunsby, Class of 1996 Exhibit Case (Cont.)


Special Collections is actively collecting postcards related to Lehigh Univesity. The collection consists over 400 postcards, dating from 1890s to 2000s, of Lehigh and cities of Bethlehem, Allentown, Easton and Mauch Chunk (now Jim Thorpe).

Union Station, Bethlehem, Pa., circa 1915.
[Postcard] 1923, June 21, W.J.M., Bethlehem, Pa. [to] Mrs. David Mitchell, Fairhaven, Mass.

View of Union Station, Bethlehem, Pa., with several people in front, a cart, and possibly radio transmission towers in the background.


Library of Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pa. circa 1910.
[Postcard] 1943, July, Terry, Bethlehem, Pa. [to] Mrs. Nellis Stern, Detroit, Mich.

View of early Linderman Library, prior to construction of 1929 addition, from the north. The building is covered with ivy.


Packer Hall, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pa., circa 1928.
[Postcard] 1928, September 6, Edgar, Bethlehem, Pa. [to] Harry Oakley, Scranton, Pa.

View of Packer Hall, the University Center, from the northeast. Note the car in front of the entrance.


Stereographs were an early attempt to create three-dimensional images by taking two photographs of the same subject with two cameras simultaneously and mounting them side-by-side on a cardboard. A stereoscope viewer is needed to view the image to create the illusion of depth and three-dimensional effect.
Special Collections holds a collection of historical stereographs of the Lehigh campus, North and South Bethlehem, and famous buildings and structures across the United States and Canada.

[Stereograph] Packer Hall, Lehigh University - South Bethlehem. Circa 1868.
Lehigh Valley Views, Bethlehem and Vicinity. Photographed and published by Moulton A. Kleckner (1844-1922), Bethlehem, Pa.

These two images of Packer Hall are the earliest documented photographs of a Lehigh building in Special Collections


[Stereograph] Union Depot - L.V.R.R. and N.P.R.R., Bethlehem, Pa. Circa 1865-1875.
Views on the Line of the Lehigh Valley Rail Road., Bethlehem and Vicinity. Photographed and published by Moulton A. Kleckner (1844-1922), Bethlehem, Pa.

The Union Station at South Bethlehem was used mainly by the Lehigh Valley and Northern Pennsylvania Railroads. The building still exists and is used by St. Luke’s Hospital.