Clavis anglica linguae botanicae

Clavis anglica linguae botanicae, or, A botanical Lexicon: in which the Terms of Botany, Particularly those Occurring in the Works of Linnaeus, and Other Modern Writers, are Applied, Derived, Explained, Contrasted and Exemplified.

Berkenhout wrote this lexicon while at the University of Edinburgh studying medicine. Prior to studying at Edinburgh, Berkenhout served in the Prussian and English Armies. While he didn’t have any formal education in botany, the author seemingly draws on his study of Greek and Roman classics. First published in 1762, this it shows how quickly Carl Linneaus’ botanical classification system caught on, having been first introduced in his 1735 work Systema Naturae. Berkenhout collaborated with Arthur Lee, a Revolutionary-era American diplomat who was also a student at Edinburgh.

John Berkenhout (1730?-1791).
Clavis anglica linguae botanicae, or, A botanical Lexicon.
London: Printed for the author, 1764.

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A version of this text has been digitized and is available through the Internet Archive.

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