A Complete Course of Meteorology.

A major contributor to 19th century meteorology, the study of atmosphere and weather, Ludwig Kamtz first published this comprehensive text book on the field in 1831 while teaching at the University of Halle in what is now Germany. By applying Newtonian physics to observable weather phenomena, Kamtz joined a novel trend of systematically observing and recording global weather. The nine graphs on display demonstrate how observational information collected over the period of a year can be visualized to identify long term weather patterns. The graphs represent meteorological data including: variation of mean temperature per hour in different months, frequency of winds in different months and countries, the vapor pressure of water in air, and variations in humidity in different months. 

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A version of this text has been digitized and is available through the Internet Archive.

Ludwig Friedrich Kämtz (1801-1867).
A Complete Course of Meteorology.
London: H. Baillière; [etc., etc.], 1845.