Sheila Kaye Smith

sheila kaye smith

Sheila Kaye Smith (1887-1956). Letter to Mr. Cazenove. 1908 April 7, St. Leonards on Sea.

Author of more than forty novels and short stories, Kaye-Smith was a British modernist writer who wrote about the rural Sussex coast. In this letter, Kaye-Smith declares herself to be “delighted that my story is taken at last” and expresses her satisfaction with the terms of Bell’s offer for her first book. Here she is referencing the publication of The Tramping Methodist (1908), published by George Bell & Sons. Kaye-Smith goes on to enquire about when the book will be released and whether it would cause a delay to sell it in America as well as England. She also discusses plans for her next book.



This letter is available on the digital library project I Remain.